Production strategy

We offer a differet kind of packaging: All our products are plant based and 100% compostable. We don't have any products made of plastic. 

Our products quality is among the best: Our products is not just an excellent sustainable alternative. If you compare it to disposables made of plastic, polystyrene or paper you will find that we are superior in terms of leightweigt, ressistance and leakproofness. 

We invest in product design: We know that people buy with their eyes, that is why we put our outmost into making our products presentation visually excellent    

We have the deepest set of compostability certification in the sector: It is difficult for a consumer to distinguies products and vendors  who is claiming to be biobased, ecofrinedly and compostable. That is why all our products have the deepest of certification from the only european wide governance body, European BIoplastic